Why are Customers Abandoning
Your Online Shopping Cart?‎


You’re an innovative business owner who wants to get more sales via your online shopping cart. ‎You’ve spent a good amount of time, effort and money on digital marketing and advertising to drive ‎visitors to your website.
Online Shopping Carts are a great marketing way to make money fast! It also saves you the ‎hassle of chasing people down for payment, the effort of entering credit card transactions by hand ‎and the frustration of waiting for cheques to arrive in the mail.
However, your website analytic report indicates ‎that even with huge website traffic, an alarming number of customers suddenly abandon the ‎shopping cart and leave. What’s going on here?‎

Here are 10 of the most common reasons customers decide to abandon their online shopping carts ‎and leave your online store without spending any money:‎

‎1. Annoyed at Complicated Checkout Process:
Keep the process simple and confined to 1 page.‎

‎2. High Shipping Costs or Slow Shipping:
High shipping rates and slow delivery decreases motivation.‎

‎3. Shipping Costs Listed at the End:
Customers hate surprises at the end of the billing process.‎

‎4. Forced to Register or Create an Account:
Most people just want to buy and leave.‎

‎5. Lack of Payment Options:
Ensure you support PayPal and a variety of credit card options.

6. Unsure of Security Features:
People are fearful of fraud, ensure you support secure shopping.‎

‎7. No Coupon Codes and Promotional Offers:
Offer discounts as incentives to repeat buyers.‎‎

‎8. Lack of Product Information:
Be detailed in product descriptions to help buyers make a decision.‎‎

9. The High Cost of Products:
Price competitively, if they can get a better deal elsewhere, they will.‎‎

10. They Just Want to Look Around:
Some shoppers are just browsing. Make sure there is a “Sign Up ‎for Our Mailing List” field available on every page of your website. This will increase the chances of a future sale by creating an ongoing email relationship.‎

If you are concerned about a high rate of shopping cart abandonment, it might be worth having the ‎checkout process tested by an expert to ensure it’s easy and user friendly.‎

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