5 Reasons to OUTSOURCE Your Company’s Online Marketing!


78% of Internet users conduct product research online. This means if you ‎don’t have a highly effective online marketing program, these customers will buy from your ‎competition, instead of from you.‎

You could save more than 80% in overhead costs by paying for only the marketing ‎services that you really need, rather than maintaining a whole in-house team.‎‎‎

Industry experts get the job done quickly and allow you to focus on what you do best, ‎running your company.‎‎‎

An expert online marketing team can quickly boost your sales by driving new ‎customers to your online products and services; taking your company to the next level of success.‎‎

Effective online marketing requires a highly knowledgeable ‎technical team with skills including: market research, advertising strategy, copywriting, brand ‎management, graphic design, SEO and e-commerce. This level of top-notch service requires ‎continuous technical training, upgrading and solid industry experience.‎

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation


Is Your Business in Compliance?

eXtra Contact has always been an advocate for responsible online communications and we hope that this new legislation reduces the amount of spam which arrives in all of our inboxes.

If you are a business owner who needs assistance upgrading your email marketing program to comply with these new laws, we would be pleased to help. Email dave@extracontact.com or give us a call at 604-985-3283.

Many business owners are wondering how this new legislation will affect their business. Here are the essential facts you need to know…

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)‎

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) establishes rules for the sending of Commercial Electronic ‎Messages (CEMs). The rules that apply to CEMs come into force on July 1, 2014.‎

Who does CASL affect?‎

CASL applies to everyone, individuals, incorporated and unincorporated businesses, not-for-profit ‎organizations, etc. Anyone who sends electronic messages for commercial purposes.‎

What is Commercial Electronic Message (CEM)?‎

CASL defines a CEM as a message that encourages participation in a commercial activity. This includes ‎advertisements and information about promotions, offers, business opportunities, events, etc. Electronic ‎messages can include emails, SMS text messages, instant messages and messages sent through social ‎networks.‎

What is Express Consent?‎

Express consent means someone directly gave you permission to send them CEMs. This means that ‎they have knowingly opted in to receiving future CEMs from your business. People may provide express consent by digitally opting on your company website or in written form by ‎signing up at a conference or networking event.‎ (Note: All opt-in records must be kept by the business and provided as proof in the instance of a dispute.)

What is Implied Consent?‎

Implied consent means it would be reasonable to conclude you have someone’s permission to send ‎him/her a CEM based on prior relationships. This typically means your have had a business relationship ‎with 2-way communication recorded within the past 2 years ago.‎

What is no longer allowed under CASL?‎

After July 1, 2014, it is prohibited to send CEMs to anyone ‎who has not given consent to receive them and to whom one had no recent business relationship. This includes the buying of email lists which include people who have not given consent to be contacted.

Furthermore, business can no longer send CEMs to people who have submitted their email another purposes. For example, a business may not add a contact to their general database if ‎they have submitted their email address for the specific purpose of entering a draw, receiving coupons or completing a ‎survey.‎

What do business owners need to do to comply with the law?‎

Include an Unsubscribe Link & Contact Information in all CEMs: All electronic communications must ‎contain an unsubscribe link and your full businesses contact information, including your mailing address and ‎phone/email information.‎

Keep Full Records of all Contacts who have Opted-In: All businesses must do their due diligence by ‎keeping accurate records of who has opted in to their database, including opt-in dates and full contact ‎information. They must also keep records of all communications with clients to prove ‎there has been a two-way business relationship within the past 2 years. Under CASL, business owners ‎must be able to prove that express or implied consent has been given for each email in their database.‎


CASL does not apply to internal business email within a company or by affiliated companies. It is limited ‎to commercial purposes and does not affect personal emails sent to friends and family members.‎

View the CASL Database Checklist

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Expert Insights


Today and in the future, the marketplace will become increasingly being driven by the email communications and online promotions. However, consumers today want much more that just a sales pitch, they want useful information, interesting stories and entertainment.

Businesses which embrace this trend will prosper, while others will be left behind. Take a look at the marketing statistics below and ask yourself, “Is my online marketing program offering great content, strengthening relationships and maximizing results?”

61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content. They are also more likely to buy. E-newsletters with interesting articles keep your clients engaged in a relationship with you, keeping your business top-of-mind for the future.
62% of companies today outsource their content marketing? Smart business owners know that it’s complex and time consuming to do online marketing in-house, so they hire a professional marketing partner to get the job done quickly and effectively.
56% of Canadian internet users ordered goods or services online last year, with a total of $18.9 billion in purchases. Up 24% and rising. Online purchasing is a consumer trend that will continue to increase in the coming years. To stay competitive in a digital marketplace businesses need to get serious about their online marketing strategy.

The cost of Email Marketing is less than 25% of traditional print, radio or TV advertising. That’s more than a 75% cost reduction. Online marketing is by far the most affordable way to stay in touch with your target market.

(Sources: Statistics Canada; examiner.com; oursocialtimes.com)

4 Tips to get Discovered
on Facebook


More than 600 million people visit Facebook Pages every day. Encourage more of them to engage with your page content!

Tip 1: Ensure the Page is Easy to Find by completing your Information:
– Profile and cover photo
– Category and description
– Address, hours, phone number, website address

Tip 2: Get the Word Out to your Friends and Customers:
– Invite your friends to like your page
– Send invitations to your email contact lists
– Build an audience for your page

Tip 3: Drive Traffic to your Page from News Feed:
– News Feed is the most engaging place on Facebook
– Create relevant, high quality posts

Tip 4: Understand What Works:
– Use “Page Insights” to determine what types of content is getting clicks
– Optimize your future posts based on what these results to
better engage with your audience

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‘Tis the Season to Stay in Touch.


It is the one time of year when we all feel the need to ‘stay connected’ to our family friends and associates by sending out a holiday greeting card.

Not only does it feel good to send out these cards but it also feels great when our mailbox is filled with people wishing us well.

For your business, don’t wait for the special occasion, stay connected with prospects and customers will keep you top of mind so that when they are ready to do business, they remember that you are there to help.

Everyone wants to buy, but no one wants to be sold. While networking is important, so is building relationships. You are much more likely to do business with someone you know and built a relationship with rather than a cold prospect.

More than ever, with today’s easy and fast access to information, products and services it’s so important to have a system in place to foster relationships with the people in your network.

Imagine what would happen to your business if you focused on staying connected to everyone you meet! When it comes time for those people to buy what you sell, who do you think these people will think of first?

Keeping in touch helps you achieve top of mind awareness and establish better relationships with the people in your network, ultimately you WILL SELL MORE!

Scroll down to view the Top 10 “keep in touch marketing tips:”

Gail Watson

Top 10 “Keep in Touch” Marketing Tips:

1) Follow Up – Follow up promptly after meetings. Let people know that it was nice to meet them & that you enjoyed learning about their business. Thank them for their time.

2) Stay in touch with notes and cards to prospects at regular intervals – frequently – at least 4-6 times a year.

3) Send unexpected cards. There’s a lot of power in sending a card to someone just to let them know you were thinking about them.

4) The Attitude of Gratitude. Thank customers when they buy from you. Thank those who give you referrals. Thank people who give generously of their time and effort. Say thanks when people give you their time for an appointment. Thank the media when they do a story on you. And say thank you when someone gives you really exceptional service.

5) Re-ignite relationships. If you haven’t heard from a customer in a while, let them know that you miss them and wanted to see how they are doing and if you can help.

6) Celebrate their lives. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, promotion, new baby, new home, or getting married, send notes to recognize the important milestones in your customer’s lives.

7) Show appreciation. Let your customers know you appreciate their business and that you are grateful they chose you.

8) Give value. Send your customers helpful tips and reminders of things like when the clocks change, new tools they will find helpful, recommendations for vendors whose services they might need, and articles and clippings they might find interesting.

9) Make them feel important. Recognize and reflect back the genuine qualities you admire about a person. Complement them on their abilities and skills.

10) Choose a Top 100 List. It’s the 80/20 rule. Choose your best customers and most influential people in your network and get them a special dose of attention. The easiest way to grow your business is thru repeat business and referrals.

By targeting the most influential people in your network and your top customers, you can get the most results out of your efforts. Tell them, “I sincerely thank you for our relationship and would like to work with other people just like you. Please don’t hesitate to refer friends, family and colleagues. I appreciate your referrals!

Why Your Business Needs Social Media & E-mail Marketing

Email Stats

The world has gone digital and there is no going back. Your customers are on the web and they are looking for products and services online. Successful businesses need to stay competitive by being proactive online.

REACHING YOUR TARGET MARKET – Traditionally, companies have advertised with the shotgun method, blasting their message to everyone, using newspapers, TV/radio commercials, direct mail and brochures. However, companies today are quickly learning that blasting everyone with ads which are irrelevant to specific consumers is no longer effective. The power of social media and email marketing is that it allows companies to market only to consumers who are interested in what they have to offer.

In terms of reaching your target market, social media and e-mail are business power-houses. Facebook has over 600 million users, Twitter has over 200 million, and Linkedin has 100 million! To stay competitive, successful companies must use digital tools to reach their target market. It’s the best way to connect with hot leads!

THE MOST AFFORDABLE FORM OF ADVERTISING – Social media and email marketing and are some of the most powerful and affordable tools for increasing sales. Many social media tools are absolutely free and email marketing has the best return on investment of any form of advertising!

And yes, we know you’re busy, so let us help. Partner with eXtra Contact and we’ll put the power of email marketing and social media to work for you…

The Social Media Revolution


Statistics show that Social Media has taken over as the #1 activity on the web. Social Media is the biggest shift in the business world since the Industrial Revolution.

Businesses today need to understand how to effectively market with social media in order to stay competitive in a digital marketplace. When buying products and services today, only 14% of people trust advertisements while a whooping 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. See the powerful and compelling statistics in this video “Social Media Revolution