Marketing Services

Do you know that 97% of small businesses will not follow up with their prospects after the first month. Be part of the 3% that does.

Hi, I’m Dave Watson from eXtra Contact. At eXtra Contact we are Sales & Marketing Strategists focusing in on Professional email Marketing.

Our clients use email marketing as an easy, effective and affordable way to stay Visual & Build Credibility with their database.

By staying ‘Top of Mind’, this leads to increased repeat business and more referrals from their existing clients and new business from their prospects when they are ready to buy.

Think about it as as an electronic salesman reaching out to your database an a monthly basis to educate them on your full products or services, showcasing specials, announcements and events or whatever makes you unique.

Our clients range from the real estate industry, Non-profits, hospitality industry including resorts & restaurants; retail shops, dentists & health practitioners, mechanics to lawyers. As well we have a strong Franchise program.

At eXtra Contact we can get your company up & running to continue on doing it yourself OR we can stay involved working with you on your email marketing strategies on an ongoing basis from gathering content to publishing your newsletter.

To find out how Professional email marketing can make your business more successful; contact us.

Strategy Session

The best place for you to start may be with a STRATEGY Session with our Web/SEO Strategist.

Our Strategy Session consists of a 90 minute meeting at your office (or online/phone) to review your business and identify online marketing opportunities. The strategy session will focus in on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIN, YouTube, etc), Email Marketing, Website SEO / Blogging and a competitive analysis. Then followed by a written report which is reviewed in a second meeting. Action items will be outlined and prioritized; for immediate action items it will decided on what and who can implement and maintain the tasks identified.

Contact us for free consultation and customized proposal.

We can offer ongoing packages/retainer to help with the implementation and maintenance of any identified tasks where needed.