3 Common Mistakes Seasonal Businesses Make with Email Marketing

Here is a great article by a colleague of mine at Constant Contact, Emile Wiseheart: ‘3 Common Mistakes Seasonal Businesses Make with Email Marketing’. Bottom line is to stay active with your marketing throughout the year, even during your off-season. Please enjoy.

It’s no secret that small businesses rely on email marketing to communicate with customers. But what if you are a seasonal business? Does email marketing have the same results? Are there differences in best practices? Do seasonal businesses need to be sending emails all year long?

The short answer is yes.

If you’re a seasonal business, you could be making one email marketing mistake that is costing you big time: slowing down or even stopping your email marketing during the off season. Unfortunately, this mistake could have some major consequences, such as lost business, poor email marketing results, annoyed customers, and even being forgotten.

Here is a quick list of some common mistakes and best practices seasonal businesses should be aware of when it comes to keeping a consistent line of communication open between the business and customer:

1. Going quiet during the off season

The biggest problem with not sending emails during off-season is that your customers forget who you are and how much they love you! This could lead to unsubscribes or poor email results with your future emails.

Tip: Try sending at least one email each month to keep your business top of mind throughout the off season. This takes a very small effort and will ensure your customers stay familiar with your business.

2. Sending too many emails once the season kicks off

Your re-opening should be a big event, but, if your customers haven’t heard from you at all during off-season it could become overwhelming. Nobody likes to be “sold” to, especially if they have to dig into their memory to figure out who you are.

Tip: Easing into opening season with a few promotional emails is like greasing up the wheels before a big race. It’s a great way to prepare your customers for what’s to come.

3. Overlooking the value of consistent communication

When it comes to staying top of mind, consistency is always key. Many business don’t want to come off as pests, but you should remember that these customers signed up for your email list for a reason. They want to hear from you.

Tip: Remember this: when you consistently communicate with your customers, it becomes an anticipated and genuinely good experience for them.

Don’t let your marketing take a break

For many seasonal businesses, the off-season is a time for the important behind the scenes work. From planning inventory to cleaning, and maybe even taking a well-deserved break, it can be just as busy as the on-season. Still, that’s not the case for your customers.

During off-season it’s likely that customers aren’t thinking about your business. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Instead, with email marketing, you can continue to stay top of mind, communicate, and engage with your customers all year round setting yourself up for even more success once your season starts.


Are you making any of these common mistakes? Keep your marketing thriving year-round with help from eXtra Contact.


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