3 Big Reasons
Why I Use LinkedIn


LinkedIn is “the” professional’s social network. Recent reports reveal that there are over 332 million users and one in three professionals are already members. The question isn’t whether you should be on it but “how” you should use it.

‎#1. Media
Gaining media exposure on a consistent basis is a powerful way to boost your credibility in the ‎marketplace, get your message in front of thousands of people and position you as an authority figure ‎within the industry. This will ultimately drive the bottom line if effectively used.‎

Thanks to LinkedIn you can now start connecting and building relationships ‎with hundreds of journalists and editors from around the world.‎ Over the past few years this network has helped me and the companies I’ve been involved in get free ‎media exposure across 50+ media publications including: Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, NBC News and the ‎Huffington Post. ‎

‎‎#2. Lead Generation‎
With over 332 million members across 110 different industries and 200 countries it’s never been easier ‎to search, find and connect with thousands of potential clients without burning a hole in your ‎marketing budget.‎‎

Here are some interesting stats you may not know about LinkedIn:‎
‎- More then 61% of people use it as their primary professional network
‎- It generates more leads for B2B companies than any other social network
‎- It is the biggest professional networking site growing by 2 new members per second. ‎

In my opinion LinkedIn is the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century. It gets our message in front of decision makers quickly and effectively.‎

‎‎#3. Joint Venture Partnerships‎
If you study the corporate strategy of some of the biggest brands in the world over the past few ‎decades, you will see one thing they all have in common: the implementation of joint venture ‎partnerships with key industry players.‎‎

This is the process of finding complimentary businesses that your clients are currently using before, ‎during and after your service/product and partnering with those businesses to get your message in ‎front of their clients, database or community.

If you would like professional advice on how to increase your sales, with strategic social media marketing, contact eXtra Contact today.‎ ~ Author Credit: Jeff Bullas

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