The Top 5 “Online Marketing” Questions You Need to Ask!‎

Marketing Plan

‎‎1. Does your business marketing plan include “online marketing”?‎
A business plan is a road map on getting where you want to go. If you don’t have a clear destination in mind, then ‎you’re sure to get lost along the way. If online marketing is not a part of your business plan yet, then you will ‎definitely want to ask yourself these questions…‎‎

‎2. What do you want to achieve with your online marketing program?‎

‎What are your Primary Goals?‎‎
– Generate leads & sales
– Increase brand awareness
– Grow your database
– Cultivate business relationships

‎What are your key Action Items?‎‎‎
– Build / improve your website
– Send out email marketing campaigns
– Improve your search engine optimization (SEO)‎
– Develop a social media presence

‎3. Who are your ideal customers?‎‎
In a perfect world, who is your ideal client? What are the demographics of this person? You must target your ‎marketing messages and online tools to reach the specific type of person you’re hoping to connect with.‎‎‎

‎4. What keywords would these ideal customers use to find you?‎
If you want to be successful in business today, your business needs to be found on Google. If you’re not ‎sure where to start, an SEO specialist can help you optimize your SEO strategy.‎‎

5. What can you afford in both time and money?‎‎
Take a fair assessment of the time and money you are able to invest in online marketing and make sure your action ‎plan is realistic.‎‎

You Know Your Business Best!‎
No-one knows your business dreams and goals better than you do. If online marketing is not a part of your ‎business plan yet, then you will definitely want to call an expert consultant like eXtra Contact to help you ‎with the technical hurdles. However it’s critical that you first ask yourself these key questions, so that you can come to us ‎fully prepared with clear and specific goals.‎‎‎

~ Crystal Catudal – Marketing Director, Senior Graphic Designer

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