eXtra Contact Team


Meeting Your Marketing Needs

Gail Watson
Sales & Marketing Strategist

Gail is an international Online Marketing Expert & Speaker who teaches powerful internet marketing and networking strategies to motivate change today.
Gail has taught companies innovative techniques to improve results.
She assists these companies in increasing their bottom-line by helping them get a structured, and successful follow-up plan in place. Gail specializes in breaking down complex ideas into terms that anyone can follow and understand.

Dave Watson
Internet & Email Marketing Strategist

Dave has been in Sales & Marketing for over 25 years bringing experience from the corporate world to helping small businesses with their online marketing solutions.  As a leading Business Partner / Solution Provider with Constant Contact since 2006, Dave has worked with his clients to grow their businesses through email marketing and integrate Social Media, Blogs and website SEO to maximize their online marketing efforts.

Tracey Ehman
Social Media & Web Strategist/Web Designer

Tracey is an intuitive online presence strategist who is successful in creating strategies that utilize networking, social media, and overall online presence, as well as implementing these strategies.  She knows the right ways to make an impact online.  Incorporating her clients needs, she works with them to determine the best strategy for their online presence, including the incorporation of keyword analysis to help them put their best foot forward.


Crystal Janzen
Client Marketing Director/
Senior Graphic Designer

Crystal is an industry leading marketing director and is known for her award-winning graphic design! Her professional background includes serving as a creative director with leading advertising agencies, municipal governments and international marketing firms. Her outstanding creative talent and dedication to our customers has made her a pivotal part of the eXtra Contact team.